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BLOG - Choosing a Modern Media Unit

BLOG - Choosing a Modern Media Unit

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Modern media centers are essential to any living room, family room or other indoor entertainment space. You don't want a piece of furniture that is out of place, but at the same time, you aren't quite sure what constitutes a contemporary media center. This modern media unit guide to a few basic models can help get you started.

White on Wood

Light tones of wood mixed with crisp, clean bright white make for some of the most commonly seen media units found in a modern home. Perhaps it is the mixture of the timeless woods that never leave trends with the sleek, crisp white color that nods toward modernism that makes this experimental choice so popular. Whatever the reason, there is no denying that a white-on-wood media center is an excellent go-to when it comes to contemporary media centers.

Corte Entertainment Center by Talenti Casa Modern Media Unit

No Visible Handles or Cabinets for your Modern Media Unit

To keep up with the minimalist appeal, opt for contemporary media cabinets that do not feature prominent handles, knobs or frames. Instead, choose an all white cabinet that appears seamless in nature, as if you couldn't find how to open it if you wanted to. This is true minimalism. For better results, choose wall-mounted units that seem to float effortlessly.

Ancona Wall Unit-Walnut-White Lacquer-Frappe Modern Media Unit

Wood, Wood, Wood

Dark wood, medium wood, light wood--it doesn't matter, so long as the whole thing is made of wood. Slender wooden media centers are very common and popular contemporary media unit choices due to their versatility and timelessness. They never fall out of trends, and they never lose their excitement factor, either. Fashionable and diverse, you can select a wooden unit with mid-century modern style legs or, preferably, mounted on a wall for ultra minimalism.

Building Block Media Cabinet by Global Views Modern Media Unit
Contemporary media centers come in a number of sleek styles, and none of them are the wrong answer. Whatever you prefer, all of the contemporary media centers mentioned here today can be found at ModernDomicile!

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