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BLOG - Choosing a Modern Coffee Table

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Coffee tables are at once functional, essential pieces of living space furniture as well as beautiful accent pieces for any living room or seating area. They give you the opportunity to add flair to your space or to tone down the room; to bring in a coffee table that resembles art or to keep it low-key and minimalist. Below you will find a quick guide to picking the right modern coffee table for your home.

Make the Modern Coffee Table a Focal Point

Choose a coffee table that features something incredibly unique about it--maybe there's a small fire pit in the middle or maybe it features a number of different shapes stacked atop one another. Maybe it is so vibrantly colored that you simply cannot look away. Whatever it is, find something that immediately captures the attention and holds it there effortlessly as your next modern coffee table.


Minimalist Low-Lying Tables

Most contemporary coffee tables are very low to the ground to further that sense of minimalism, leaving the rest of the area open to be occupied by other modern furniture and sleek decor. These low-flyers often take a very basic rectangular shape as not to draw too much attention to them, a stark difference from using a coffee table as a focal point as stated above. Either way, both of these choices are viable options for a modern coffee table.

Aix Coffee Table by Nuevo Modern Coffee Table

Asymmetrical Shapes

Many modern pieces of furniture will feature something experimental about them and, in the case of a coffee table, these often end up being coffee tables that boast an asymmetrical shape or funky design. This can mean tables with an angular, sloping top, a base that doesn't quite add up directly down the middle and forms a unique shape, or just any sort of table with one end that doesn't match its opposite end.

Regency Curl CoffeeTable by Brownstone Modern Coffee Table

The fun part about coffee tables is that they are so versatile that you can modernize them in so many ways! Whichever way you enjoy the most, you are sure to find one of that type here at ModernDomicile!

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